The Technology Issue
Cover by Cat Yang
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We are hosting a Coffeehouse at Veritas Cafe (on the Wilfrid Laurier campus) on Tuesday, February 25th from 7pm-9pm! The event is to celebrate our Transnational Issue. There will be spoken word and live musical performances, not to mention free food and coffees, lattes, and tea!

Don’t forget to bring your friends!
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How has our digital world impacted you? What are your feelings regarding the Internet, Tumblr, Facebook? Do you dream of cyborgs?

We need your creative writing and illustrations on the theme of Technology!
Please submit to by February 10th!


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Mum draws the faces, daughter draws the bodies.. Lovely blog post about collaborative art here

Their print shop here

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We are looking for Fantasy-themed writing and artwork for October’s Fantasy issue! Some keywords to consider: transformation, identity, bliss, myth, mysticism, sexuality.

All are encouraged to submit, by Monday, October 7th to

Illustration by Stephanie Lesdow
The Education Issue, Blueprint Magazine
September 2013

Front & Back cover of September’s Education Issue!
Art by Diego Jeri

Illustration by Fiorella Morzi X

The Body Issue, Blueprint Magazine

November 2012

Waking Up Fat

I love the way the sun shines through my blinds and onto my skin when I wake up in the morning.

The light latches onto each stretch-marked curve in a way that says “I love being close to you.”

I move my fingers from freckle to freckle.

Connecting the dots, I see my self-image.

I love the way my body spreads, claiming a space for its own.

I revel in the warmth at the meeting of my inner thighs.

I yawn, stretch, and feel the way my body moves with me.

I am malleable, but strong.

I am the physical embodiment of my comfort.

My tousled hair falls over my left shoulder onto my chest, framing me.

There is so much of me to love.

I trace the shy blue vein through the pale skin of my arm.

I am present.

I lay my hands flat against my sides, running them down the width of my hips.

I feel at home in my offensive softness.

I love waking up fat.


- Taylor Chapman

The Body Issue of Blueprint Magazine

(November 2012)

from The Nostalgia Issue of Blueprint Magazine (March 2013)

Photography by Liz Smith

Ethels Lounge, The Nostalgia Issue of Blueprint Magazine

Photography by Nick Lachance

Now Hiring – Blueprint Magazine

Blueprint Magazine is still currently looking for the right people to be the 2013-2014 Radio Manager and Literary Editor. If you are looking to get involved at Laurier next year think about applying to Blueprint.

Literary Editor
The Literary Editor position should be held by someone who can submit at minimum one original piece every issue but also has a critical and comprehensive eye for others writing. In charge of the written content within Blueprint, the Literary Editor should have strong interpersonal skills, as they will be tasked with communication with contributors and encouraging others to contribute. Also, strong reading and writing skills are highly important, as editing, proofreading, and critical examination of text are part of this position.

Radio Manager

In connection with Radio Laurier, the Radio Manager will host Radio Blueprint, aired around the current issue. The Radio Manager will be in charge of hosting a show on the theme of the current issue, selecting music and promoting the theme, scheduling contributors to participate on air, and providing Blueprint with another promotional aspect. Skills in working independently, organization, and an ability to be an effective and affective radio personality are important for this position.